Ventura: At the Intersection of 
Agriculture and Innovation

Nestled in the sunny seaside city of Ventura, California, FreshRealm is less than a mile from the beach and right in the heart of a thriving downtown hub.Ventura shares L.A.’s sunny skies, warm climate, and tech-centric entrepreneurial spirit. Known for its ideal surfing conditions and relaxed coastal vibe, Ventura was first established as the heart of a rich agricultural region carved out by the Santa Clara River. It’s the perfect spot for promoting well-being through fresh food and fresh thinking. From our weekly walks along the famous Ventura Pier to the picnics, barbecues, and wine tastings we host at our local bars and eateries, we actively encourage our team members to take advantage of everything our company and this warm, welcoming community have to offer.

Grateful and Looking to Grow

Nothing is as satisfying as authenticity — in relationships or food. We’ve cultivated a casual, genuine office environment, where all voices are valued. Like most start-up tech companies on the California coast, we value hard work, innovation, and a positive attitude. We focus on success as a measure of what we can achieve as a team through fresh ideas, a passion for the work we do, and conscientiously striving for continual improvement.

We offer a very competitive benefits package, including health insurance, 401(k) and ample paid time off to stay refreshed and rejuvenated.

At our weekly Gratitude Circle, we gather to express what we’re thankful for, personally and professionally.

Hiking at lunch or joining our Wednesday Pier Walks provide a chance to stretch our legs and connect outside of the office.

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