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What if access to fresh food were universal? What if there were no “food deserts” in America — what if everyone everywhere had access to a vast variety of convenient, safe, fresh food? In 2013, we set out to apply our deep knowledge of fresh food production and our backgrounds in quantitative research to solve this puzzle... and we believe we’re well on our way. The food industry is evolving nearly full circle. People are leaving the center grocery aisles and heading back to the perimeter — or looking elsewhere entirely. Retailers and families are conscious of food waste. People are contemplating a return to the milkman model — the freshest food, in just the amount you need, delivered just in time. But getting it that last mile, to the doorstep, was always the limiting factor, until now. So we put our combined backgrounds in food and tech to good use. With methodical research and development, we created the FreshPorter™ — the most innovative, trustworthy, and technologically advanced vessel for safely delivering fresh prepped food any distance. We then connected with culinary, supply, and distribution players at the top of their games. The result: a platform for creating and delivering a virtually infinite variety of fresh prepped meal kits to customers hungry for both quality and convenience. Rather than reinventing the food supply chain, we discovered ways to reconnect it that save time, reduce waste, and simplify the ordering and fulfillment processes. In so doing, we’ve empowered our partners to provide customers with unparalleled access to fresh, delicious, customized meals for their families, no matter where they live.

the leadership team


MICHAEL LIPPOLD, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, is responsible for the strategic vision of FreshRealm. “Right now food technology is in version 1.0, but we spend a lot of time making sure the 2.0 version is on the right path.” Lippold began his career by cold-calling a stock brokerage house in his hometown of Minneapolis to land an unpaid internship, and he’s been building connections and partnerships ever since. “Relationships brought me from one opportunity to another, until I arrived at FreshRealm. A lot of our success now stems from our corporate culture, from bringing in people who care about what we’re building and who want to be good to each other.” A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in financial economics, Lippold thrived in the highly analytical, technologically advanced quantitative hedge fund world. As a portfolio manager and research analyst, he devoted his time to understanding how companies both inside and outside of the food industry can evolve to improve a whole industry’s productivity. “It was eye-opening to see how little technology and mathematics were applied in the food industry — there was a clear opportunity.” Lippold carried these insights to his next role leading strategy for Calavo Growers, the largest avocado company in the world. There, his understanding of the perishable fresh- prep industry led to the acquisition of Renaissance Food Group, “the best fresh food company in America and now a key FreshRealm partner.” Lippold’s focus at FreshRealm is building powerful relationships with partners including Renaissance, FedEx, Terra’s Kitchen, and WeightWatchers. “It’s important to me that we are working together with our partners through the entire journey of setting up each business and ensuring mutual success.” With its innovative, thought-leader approach to technology, distribution, and fulfillment, FreshRealm is revolutionizing the fresh prepped food industry. “My job is to make sure all of the pieces connect in the right way.” Lippold lives in Ventura, California, with his wife and four children.


KEN CATCHOT, CFO, is a food-industry veteran with more than 35 years of professional experience in produce distribution and the value-added fresh cut food processing business. He has an entrepreneurial spirit that allows him to envision the successful path of a new business and the fortitude to see the business down the path. As a kid, Catchot helped out at his grandfather’s produce market in Sacramento. After attending California State, Chico, Catchot partnered with his brother to start JC Produce, a fresh food distribution company that they built up to 300 employees. Since then, Catchot has been starting, running, and growing food companies ever since.As president and partner of Club Fresh in the ’90s and early 2000s, Catchot spearheaded the produce supplier’s entry into value-added fresh food, selling pre-cut, prepared fruits and vegetables to restaurants and retailers. From there he served as president and partner at Taylor Farms Pacific, where they successfully ventured into new market segments and grew business opportunities dynamically in the value-added category.Drawing from these experiences, Catchot co-founded Renaissance Food Group, now a market leader in fresh food. “With seven plants across the country designed for just-in-time order taking, we built an infrastructure to deliver perishable food with the highest quality and food safety standards, shortening the time cycle from ordering to preparing the food and delivering it to the customer.”After Renaissance was bought by Calavo Growers in 2011, Catchot in 2015 was serving as president and COO of Calavo until joining the team at FreshRealm in 2017. The company Catchot founded is now a key partner for FreshRealm, which utilizes Renaissance’s plants to produce an almost limitless variety of fresh prepped food options. “We’ve changed the way perishable food can be efficiently moved from farm to table, reducing delivery time from harvest, so that we’re able to provide affordable, fresh prepped meals to every household in America.”Catchot lives in Southern California with his wife of 30 years and has two grown daughters.


ALAN WEST, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, is dedicated to utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline processes. An interest he first developed while earning degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science from California State University, it’s also what drew him to the role of overseeing data, IT, and software engineering for FreshRealm. “I love that it’s a growing company founded on web-based processes with an innovative idea to bring fresh food to more homes.” No stranger to startups, West began his career at HyperDisk Marketing producing software applications for major travel and leisure clients such as Marriott Hotels. Later he became the most awarded employee at Haas Automation as a senior manager of research and development and quality assurance for the company’s high-end, robotic mills and lathes. West has now turned his attention to streamlining family meals — and he takes his work home with him. A single dad of a teenage daughter and almost-teenage son, he understands well the pressure of feeding an active family. “When you’re cooking for kids, even if you manage to get something on the table, they might say, ‘Blech! What did you make?’ The first time I ordered FreshRealm, my daughter, who is extremely finicky, was very skeptical — but then gave it rave reviews. She actually said, ‘I really like this’!” West lives in Santa Rosa Valley, California, where he enjoys swimming, surfing, golf, tennis, basketball — and on a good day, cooking.

Empowering Businesses to Revolutionize the Fresh Food Experience

FreshRealm is on a mission to democratize fresh food. We’re committed to providing the platform that enables our partners to deliver quality, customized meals at scale, with minimal investment. We believe everyone everywhere deserves access to the benefits and pleasures of fresh food.

We believe everyone everywhere deserves access to the benefits and pleasures of fresh food.

We believe in variety — both in the meals we deliver to families and the solutions we tailor for our partners.

We believe in reducing waste — in business and at home

We believe in anticipating a changing food marketplace and holding ourselves to tomorrow’s higher safety standards today

We believe in the power of technological innovation to make healthy eating convenient, affordable, and sustainable for all..

Appreciative of Our Partners, Employees, 
Customers, and the Planet

At FreshRealm, we’re creating a world where everyone can enjoy fresh, healthy food. Naturally, we feel it's just as important to champion and nurture the amazing people who help us realize this vision.

Interested in playing a part in furthering our mission? Contact us to start a conversation about partnership opportunities. Or visit our Careers page for more information on joining our team.

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what makes freshrealm different?

FreshRealm is the only service that provides retailers and food-related businesses a platform for bringing their own line of fresh prepped meal kits to market nationwide. Here’s how we do it:

Like a painter's palette for fresh ingredients, our Master SKU set codes consists of over 400 items and includes commonly used ingredients, cuts, and measurements, which can be combined to create more than 10,000 unique recipes, ready to be ordered, sourced, and fulfilled immediately.

Ecommerce customers receive their orders in our patented FreshPorter™, in which our proprietary algorithm determines the perfect placement of each ingredient based on its size and temperature sensitivity. We even calculate the precise amount and placement of ice to ensure optimal food quality and safety. Constructed from durable, recyclable materials, the FreshPorter™ is returned the next day via our shipping partners for reuse, reducing environmental impact.

Technology solves the problem of food waste. With cloud-based connectivity between you and our national network of suppliers, orders are received, sourced, portioned, packed, and shipped out all on the same day. No preservatives are needed, because no food sits in inventory.

Partners rely on our deep food-industry expertise. Evidence-based research and reporting drive everything we do.

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