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Deliver Fresh and Convenience

with FreshRealm

People today are hungry for fresh and fast. Demand for products that deliver real, preservative-free ingredients in convenient formats is sparking the fastest growing category in the food industry, one that requires a new solution: FreshRealm.

FreshRealm is an end-to-end platform that enables businesses to offer prepped perishable food products, including fully prepped meal kits, through technology enhanced supply chain management with unmatched quality and safety standards. The FreshRealm platform covers all the details: product development, ingredient supply, optimized ordering and fulfillment to both store shelves and consumer doorsteps.

One platform, multiple products

FreshRealm is the only platform that provides the opportunity to offer multiple types of truly fresh,

prepped perishable products rapidly growing in consumer demand.

Meal Kits

FreshRealm can help your brand develop a full meal kit program that is unmatched in freshness, convenience and variety. FreshRealm-created kits include fully prepped (chopped, sliced, portioned) ingredients leading to delicious, quality meals that are ready in 5- 20 minutes.

Other Prepped Perishables
Complimentary to meal kits, or as stand-alone programs, FreshRealm can fulfill a range of convenient, prepped perishable products such as cut fruit, juices and grab-n-go items.


The technology powering FreshRealm removes the barriers to entering the perishables market, enabling you to quickly launch or expand your business.

Variety and Quality

A huge selection of prepped ingredients and a specialized supply network make it easy to create an almost endless variety of meals and perishable items.

Safety and Convenience

Unique cold-chain technology and just-in-time order fulfillment allow the shipping of freshly prepped and pre-portioned ingredients for truly easy cooking.

Your Customized Marketplace

Leverage FreshRealm’s managed e-commerce platform, APIs or our proprietary software and your customers can order online and receive perishables anywhere.

Delivery to Doorstep or Store Shelf

We can ship to your store in branded packaging or directly to your customers nationwide in our FreshPorter™, a proprietary climate controlled shipping container.

POWERFUL perishable platform

FreshRealm is the only service that provides retailers and food-related businesses a platform for bringing their own line of fresh prepped meal kits to market nationwide. Here’s how we do it:

Like a painter's palette for fresh ingredients, our Master SKU set codes consists of over 400 items and includes commonly used ingredients, cuts, and measurements, which can be combined to create more than 10,000 unique recipes, ready to be ordered, sourced, and fulfilled immediately.

Ecommerce customers receive their orders in our patented FreshPorter™, in which our proprietary algorithm determines the perfect placement of each ingredient based on its size and temperature sensitivity. We even calculate the precise amount and placement of ice to ensure optimal food quality and safety. Constructed from durable, recyclable materials, the FreshPorter™ is returned the next day via our shipping partners for reuse, reducing environmental impact.

Technology solves the problem of food waste. With cloud-based connectivity between you and our national network of suppliers, orders are received, sourced, portioned, packed, and shipped out all on the same day. No preservatives are needed, because no food sits in inventory.

Partners rely on our deep food-industry expertise. Evidence-based research and reporting drive everything we do.

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